Saddock Advisory is a Dallas, TX and Austin, TX based consulting firm that specializes in providing financial and operational oversight to small and medium sized businesses. Having accurate financial statements and strong forecasting models are critical pieces needed to accomplishing the goals of any organization. Saddock Advisory was founded in 1981 and during the last 30+ years, we have helped clients through ups and downs in the market. We want to bring our broad experience and skills to bear on your business problems.   We have found that there are two types of owners of companies, those that are sales oriented and those that are numbers oriented. Our services target those companies who are skilled at driving revenue but need some guidance from a financial and operational perspective. Our approach will be to begin with a full day alignment meeting coupled with monthly conference calls. In these meetings, we will walk the company ownership and executive team through our cash flow and profitability forecasting model. During this process, we will highlight historical profitability, monitor monthly expenses, and forecast profitability as well as core capital needs.