CFO Services

As an executive, you realize that the biggest key to the success of your organization is assembling a strong management team. Whether your organization is just getting off the ground or established, as your revenue grows you reach a point that you need professional financial and operational advice. The cost of hiring a full-time CFO or Controller can easily exceed $100K per year plus benefits. Our CFO consulting services can provide you the vital knowledge and skills that your organization needs at a fraction of the cost.

We help you solve your company's problems to empower your success.

More often than not, managing a company requires more bandwidth than any one individual can produce. Saddock Advisory specializes in providing financial and operational oversight to organizations. Often times, growing enterprises are excellent at sales and marketing, but are missing accurate financial statements and strong forecasting models. This is a critical piece needed to steer your organization and accomplishing your goals. Whether you need help securing your first or second round of financing or you simply need to track metrics on a monthly basis, our flexible services provide exactly the expertise you need within your budget.


Our primary mission is to provide value to our clients by helping them make better, more informed decisions. Through establishing and maintaining your company's budget, we can predict shortfalls in cash flows and run "what if" scenarios for specific decision you face.


We understand the relationship of time and money. At Saddock Advisory, we are committed to solving your business problems in a cost effective and time sensitive manner. Our CFOs are skilled at quickly identifying financial and operational obstacles then overcoming them on time and on budget.


Saddock Advisory was founded in 1981 and during the past 30+ years we have helped clients through good times and bad. We bring our wealth of knowledge and experience to every project providing sound advice to any business scenario.